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Potty Training Tips that Work

Do you know when your child is ready for potty training? Do you know how to make toilet learning a part of every day?

Recognizing when your child is toilet-ready and providing a consistent daily routine with positive interactions encourages independence during the toilet learning process.

Teaching From Birth

I have started to take the pressure out of making learning an event. Now it is just part of our everyday life. We play games like peek-a-boo, sing made-up silly songs about whatever it is I am doing at that given moment, and touch a variety of textured toys or items in the house.

Brainy's Great B2 Anywhere Adventure

Brainy’s Great B2 Anywhere Adventure

Hi, my name is Brainy. I like to play with my friends, dance to groovy music, go to the park, and discover new things everyday. I know I’m pretty big!

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