Brainy's Great B2 Anywhere Adventure

Brainy’s Great B2 Anywhere Adventure

Hi, my name is Brainy. I like to play with my friends, dance to groovy music, go to the park, and discover new things everyday. I know I’m pretty big! That’s only because I want children and parents to notice me. You see my name isn’t Brainy for nothing. I represent how children are learning at every stage.

Did you know that children’s brains are 80% developed by the age of 3 years old and 90% developed by the age of 5?

Isn’t that exciting! I want parents to know what I know so that they can use it to be their child’s first and best teacher. 

You won’t believe the exciting adventure I got to go on! I went to the park and hung out with my friends at B2 Anywhere. The staff is super friendly and have tons of great resources that help families get their hands on good programs for their children. Their programs focus on play, nature, and hands-on learning for Gwinnett’s youngest residents. Plus, they demonstrate learning concepts for parents and caregivers to help their little learners prepare to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. We played the funnest game of scavenger hunt while I was there! I had to hide all the letters of the alphabet in the perfect hiding places. I wanted to make sure I didn’t make it too easy so I hid them under the swings and above the slides, which were hard to spot. Each child was given a magnifying glass to spot those hidden letters. I sure am glad I was there to see children learning and growing their brains.

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My adventures continued on the play set. First I tried to swing on the swings, but my head wouldn’t fit. Then I said to myself, “Try to slide down the slide.” With a little help from my friend, I went soaring down the big slide. I am definitely coming back to play and learn with my new friends from B2 Anywhere. I learned that they have activities in the park like this all the time. You can check the calendar on our Building Babies Brains website under the events tab to find out when these free events happen. 

After two hours of fun, I started to feel like I needed to take a break. I was getting hungry and thirsty from all the playing. I am so glad that I had some water with me. After drinking my water, I had my favorite snack, peanut butter and jelly! The protein in my sandwich was good for building my brain. Now that I had such an exciting day, I couldn’t wait to come back to a Gwinnett County Park to start another learning adventure with B2 Anywhere. So, if you see me out and about in your community, I would love to take a picture with you and create great memories together!

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