About Us

Our children are our future. We must come together to make sure that all of Gwinnett’s children enter Kindergarten ready to learn and thrive.

A close up image of an infant holding an adults finger


Our mission is to ensure that all children in Gwinnett are ready to thrive in Kindergarten.


Our strategy is to ensure that all parents have access to the information and tools they need to be their child’s first and best teacher so that all our children have access to high quality early learning at home or elsewhere.

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Why Does Early Learning Matter?

Did you know that 51% of our Gwinnett children are not ready for Kindergarten according to the GCPS Kindergarten Readiness Entry Profile?  Awareness of the importance of early learning starting at birth and having access to the tips and tools we need to teach our children is key to changing this number.

Build Your Personalized Toolkit Today

Take the Child Development Survey by answering questions based on what your child is able to do at their current age. Then we will provide you with a personalized list of resources that can help your child thrive in Kindergarten.