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The Building Babies’ Brains website is run by Gwinnett community partners and individuals. It was developed as a community response to the striking data showing 51% of our Gwinnett children are not ready for kindergarten. The website encourages everyone that wants to help build awareness of how important early learning is to brain development and the future of our children to join in our quest to have all children ready to thrive in Kindergarten. Please consider donating to Building Babies’ Brains to help support our quest!



Partner with us to bring awareness to the importance of early brain development, the need for positive frequent interactions with children, and the knowledge that by doing this they will have a lasting impact on a child’s life.


Make your voice heard by connecting with policy makers to effect lasting change.


Promote your company’s commitment to making sure every child in Gwinnett is ready for Kindergarten.

Use your workplace newsletters and break room as a place to promote early learning resources in Gwinnett.


Give your time and join our working group committees or become involved in one of our ongoing projects. Make a difference in the lives of Gwinnett’s youngest children. Simply handing out flyers, posting or following on social media or sharing our information will be a huge help.


Join or create an Early Learning Ambassador group using your existing civic organizations or clubs.  This is a great way for high school students and grandparents to engage in this work. Canvas door to door, host an event or simply share what you learned on this website with anyone and everyone.


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Take the Child Development Survey by answering questions based on what your child is able to do at their current age. Then we will provide you with a personalized list of resources that can help your child thrive in Kindergarten.