Looking for local resources for Early Learning? On this page, you will find everything you need from where to find childcare to texting services for tips on teaching your child and everything in between!

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Quality Rated allows you to search for nearby childcare providers and Pre-K. It gives you information on the quality of each rated provider and resources for choosing childcare.

The Georgia Department of Early Learning and Care offers resources on finding and enrolling in Pre-K. This site can help you choose the right Pre-K for your child.

Use the Georgia Department of Early Learning and Care website to see if your child qualifies for Head Start and find a location near you.

Play 2 Learn is a Gwinnett County Public Schools’ program for children birth to age 5 and their parents / caregivers.  Find a program near you.

This map identifies the Head Start locations in Gwinnett County. Find a Head Start location for your child and contact information for the centers.

Easter Seals is an inclusive child care for children under 5 in Georgia. Find a location near you and see if your child may be eligible for care.

Corners offers early learning sessions for moms and their children age 0-5 at three of their Corner Academy Locations. Find more information and a location near you.

Building Brains (B2) Anywhere: A Shirley Carver Miller Learning Initiative is a countywide, early learning brainchild of Gwinnett County. The initiative aims to serve children, parents, and care givers by providing safe, fun, and engaging early learning opportunities for children.



A healthy mouth begins in the womb. The way moms eat, clean their teeth, and work with medical professionals all have a profound impact on the health of the baby’s teeth. After birth, parents, children, and dentists work together to preserve the child’s healthy smile. Kids have a lot to learn at this stage, but parents can get creative and make those critical lessons fun. Click on this link to learn more.

Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta offers free resources and expert tips on keeping your child healthy.

Women, Infants, and Children provides free health and nutrition services for breastfeeding and postpartum moms as well as their children ages 0-5. Find out more about the program and if you’re eligible here.

The county health departments of Gwinnett, Newton, and Rockdale have six convenient clinic locations as well as three Environmental Health offices. You can use this site to find a healthcare provider for your family as well as learn about the services they provide.



Play 2 Learn is a program of Gwinnett County Public Schools for children birth to 5. Visit the Play 2 Learn webpage to find free resources, stories, monthly Home Learning Activities calendars and more to support your child’s learning. 

This Gwinnett Public Library program will promote early literacy in your child and ensure their future school success. 

Gwinnett Public Library offers free library cards, digital resources, and more for your child. Sign-up to access books and support your child’s reading skills.

Free, downloadable activity sheets for ages 2-5. Use these for quick, fun suggestions for practicing different skills with your child.

Georgia’s Pre-K at home offers free daily activities, tips for outdoor play, games and storytime resources. You can use these to keep your pre-kindergartener active and learning at home.

Cox campus provides video lessons for you and your child geared toward ages 1-4. You can complete the video courses to develop your child’s skills in reading, speaking and more.

Free games, activities, printables and more for playing with your child. You can sort the resources by your child’s age, topic, or favorite PBS show.

Once your child can recognize all the upper and lower case letter, use this site for free videos, games, and flashcards for learning sight words, words that your child should memorize to read and write. Use these to help your early reader become even stronger.



Articles and tips for new ways to engage your child. Find videos and activities to incorporate talking, reading and playing with your child during your daily routine.

Ferst Readers offers tips and videos for how to read with your child and engage them in learning.

Learn why talking to your baby is so important and view free videos and downloadable resources to get started supporting your baby’s language development.

Receive texts with tips and resources on your child’s development from Bright by Text. This free service provides 2-4 texts per week with resources based on your child’s age.

Receive texts with tips with fun facts and easy tips to promote child development through family routines.

In this free series of educational videos you will learn various tips and skills for developing your child’s brain. You will also find useful links for different development areas.

Learn various ways to support your child’s brain development.

Vroom is a website and app that provides individualized activities and tips by age. It is free, but requires sign-up.

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