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Your child’s early years are very important to their lifelong development. As a parent/guardian, you are your child’s first and best teacher. Are you curious about appropriate developmental milestones for your child?

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2 Months Old Developmental Questions

Every child is different and develops at their own pace. If your child does not show all of these milestones (at the designated age), don’t worry!

Does your child latch on to a nipple or bottle?*
Breastfeeding Problems and How to Fix Them
Does your child easily suck and swallow during feeding?*
When Your Baby Won't Breastfeed
Does your child coo/make gurgling sounds?*
How to Support Your Child's Communication Skills
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Does your child pay attention to faces?*
Your Baby's Vision Development
Can your baby recognize familiar faces and objects?*
When Can Babies' Recognize Familiar Faces and Objects
Does your child try to look at your face?*
Infant Vision Development from Birth to 2 Months
Can your child briefly calm themself? (i.e., suck on hand)*
Self-Soothing Baby Techniques and Tips
Does your child let you know when they need something using their voice or body?*
Emotional and Social Development in Babies: Birth - 3 Months
Is your child beginning to push up with arms when lying on tummy?*
Tummy Time
Does your child make smoother movements with arms and legs?*
Movement Milestones: Birth to 3 Months