Riding for the Onesies

Riding For The Onesies

Early Learning Advocates and Community Leaders, John Upchurch and David Kim, have started a journey that will take them down the coast to raise awareness and funds about early learning in Gwinnett. 

John and David will be biking from the Canadian border in Anacortes, Washington to San Francisco, California. This 1,049 mile journey will serve as a reflection period as well as a fundraiser to support the newborn onesie program at the hospital.

Help us reach our goal of $35,000 and help us provide these onesies to each new baby born in Gwinnett in the next year!

About the Newborn Onesie Program at Gwinnett Hospitals

One foundational program of the Building Babies’ Brains Initiative is a hospital onesie program that provides new parents informational resources and a onesie to highlight that learning begins at birth. This program aims to connect with parents and support them in being their baby’s first and best teacher. 

Baby Onwubiko In a Brain at Work Onesie
New Family with Baby wearing Brain at Work Onesie

The Journey

Below is a map of John’s Route for the ride!

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